Unique Drone Services

“If you do know what UAVs can do for you, then you have not thought about it!”

You name it people are trying it. Drone fishing, Scouting out fish in open water and the land based game with birds eye view, Wildlife control & Land management applications, Long distance non-intrusive observation and much, much more. East Coast Drone Works cannot fly you to the moon, but we can get you close. So start thinking about what drones can do for you! Then contact ECDW and start planning your Unique Mission right now.

This video clip is of a nuisance gator that liked the pets but not the people in the backyard. It disappeared whenever people came into view. ECDW was able to show the gator was indeed occupying the waterway. The size and general location was then relayed to proper authorities for removal.
A picture is worth a whole bunch of phone calls!!

At East Coast Drone works we know how to keep an eye out for Manned Aircraft!!

No matter why the flame is there, a prescribed burn off or an unexpected fire event. Use aerial observation to keep you informed of the ever changing environmental factors, allowing you to make educated decisions immediately.