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It’s an undisputed fact that the use of aerial images and video improve sales. Video consumption among all demographics is at all-time highs!! Think about it??? What holds your attention when browsing? Still photos with no movement or action? Do you prefer reading an instruction book with pictures, or watching a YouTube video? The honest answer for most will be VIDEO!!

Now picture attention grabbing action in that video, from a birds eye view! Feeling the experience yet? So why have a huge majority of relators “estimated at 90%” chosen not to use video? Only a few more relators use aerial images. Aerials combined with video will stand out, the numbers proof it, and standing out is what counts, when selling faster matters!
Video on your landing page increases conversions as much as 80%. Just adding the word “video” in your email subject line can increase you open rates by 19% and improve your click through rates by 65%, and shown to reduce “unsubscribe” by 26%!!
Open for discussion is just how much more they help you sell? So let’s not. Let’s just focus on what we know to be true.

Facts say that combining aerial images and video into a nice media package grabs attention, increased attention sells faster!! And more sales generate more revenue!! ECDW combines interior, exterior, neighborhood and points of interest, to create a one of a kind production for your listing. When used consistently our services will pay for themselves by increasing annual units sold!

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Real Estate Mapping

At East Coast Drone Works we ask, why would you Google map it, when you can 3D walk it? Give your clients a real-time close up view of not only your listing but also of the neighborhood around it. A huge part of the Florida real-estate market consists of clients who are currently living in other states. Give them something than can really sink their feet into. It’s the next best thing to actually walking the property or neighborhood. They can also share the maps & pictures with friends & family making the whole experience more powerful, creating a lasting impact on the buyer.

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