Agricultural Drone Services

East Coast Drone Works is here to help all across all of the agricultural industries. US crop production
cost is increasing faster and higher every year. Variables like trade tariffs, government regulations and
damaging weather events are all todays’ reality, and major industry challenges to overcome.
As livestock production increases, so will the challenges of care and monitoring of these larger stocks.
No matter what you’re working hard at growing, let East Coast Drone Works help you do it easier, faster,
and safer, keeping more of those hard earned profits in your pockets. No matter what the size of the
operation, East Coast Drone Works will customize a site specific plan to capture reliable, repeatable data
needed to make rapid, informed, profitable decisions for your operations.

Half of the agricultural land use in Florida today, is in use by cattle ranchers. Beef & Cattle production has been a part of Florida’s heritage for over 400 years, but if you’re reading this then you probably know that already. While somethings we hope never change; like early morning rides, rich sunsets and enjoying the company of your favorite four pawed companion.

Almost everything else is changing, and it has to. With future regulations, environmental concerns and un-expected weather patterns, the bottom line is always in danger of decrease. Drones aren’t toys. They’re tools in the box!!!

Drones are now deployed worldwide in many livestock management applications making operations more efficient, safer and profitable by reducing man hours. Think about the time and cost savings when the use of labor hours and assets can be reduced, if not eliminated altogether? Fewer injuries to man & animal will also be realized by reducing interaction between them. Now where are those new found “labor hours” going to be used?

UAVs are now equipped with RFID readers for safer, faster head counts. Thermal sensors can also give rapid, accurate injury and illness assessment and help find strays in cover. New accessories are coming to the market regularly and the future of ranching is sure to have more drones flying around.

Just a single drone and pilot are all that is needed in many terrains to perform precision herding. Drones/UAV can scout from a bird’s eye view, finding remote targets faster, and then move from one point to another in seconds, regardless of the terrain. Equipped with thermal cameras, drones can find livestock in thick cover and move them out simultaneously.

East Coast Drone Works can also perform aerial scouting missions with “thermal and 30x zoom, optical sensors”, for predators and pig concerns, covering miles of territory fast, EVEN AT NIGHT! “proper FAA waiver in hand”.

Whether it’s herding, scouting or hunting, all drone missions should be executed with a licensed & experienced pilot. Drones are also federally regulated by the FAA and pilots must be and we all know how the Feds take their job seriously! ECDW has compliance covered, we have the licensing and experience needed to avoid harming people, property or animal. Call East Coast Drone Works today and let us put that experience to work for you. ECDW will customize a mission that fits your needs, delivering the results and savings, you can see and bank on.

What does thermal look like when herding? Take a look here:

East Coast Drone Works has over 30 years’ experience in the Florida AG market, consulting on plant pest identification and remediation, regulation compliance and Green Industry Best Management Practices in Florida, for small and large, commercial and residential markets. So it makes sense that ECDW loves the crops!!

Crop scouting with aerial photography is not a new concept. Mutli Spec cameras and NVDI maps have been in use for decades. But manned aircraft missions are very expensive, it can take a week or more to get the data maps back? In addition the high flight costs of manned aircraft prohibit them from being used regularly. How long does it take mites, weevils or diseases to spread?

Satellites are much more cost effective but the data they can deliver is limited due to frequency of image capturing and precision data collection from such a high altitude.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or drones, fly at much lower altitudes allowing them to capture extremely more accurate crop data! This allows the crop manager to distinguish weed from crop by the 2nd to 3rd growth stage.

What is the germination rate of any given section of field, pest or nutritional concerns that need to be addressed, crop yields and much more information can now be obtained with the use of drones. All this data mapped out and delivered to crop managers with a very high level of accuracy, in hours not weeks. This same data can also be uploaded into other automated systems for precession pest control treatments or targeted nutritional supplements.

East Coast Drone Works can fly multiple missions during the growing cycle, delivering crucial crop information, for the same cost as “one manned aircraft data mapping mission” and ECDWs data maps will be far more accurate. These missions are duplicated with 100% accuracy again and again, giving you reliable data layered data. East Coast Drone Works deploys a one of a kind, proprietary sensor from “SlantRange” providing on-board sunlight balancing on all images as they are captured. So regardless of what the sun and clouds are doing, Timely, Accurate, Repeatable Data can be yours at any time!! Just one of the ways East Coast Drone Works is working hard to put more profit in your pocket, not into the ground.

The big corporate growers are introducing drones into daily workflow operations plans by the thousands.

Recent Headline: “Corteva Agriscience™ Deploys The Largest Agricultural Drone Fleet In The World” 400 of them to be exact!!

Most small to midsize operations can’t spend over ten thousand dollars on a Quality Unmanned Aerial vehicle system and sensors, then thousands more annually for the cost of the analyzing software. Add in the responsibility to learn and maintain all those systems, along with staying FAA compliant and most growers figure it won’t work for them or it’s just not worth it.. But it is!!

East Coast Drone Works has the tools the big guys have, so let ECDW show you how to put these tools to work for you.

Contact us right now for a free onsite consultation and a custom scouting mission plan.